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Why it’s pretty grand

Pretty Grand is pretty great, pretty natural and just plain pretty.
Try it yourself and find out why we cant keep it on the shelf.

Ashley Bryan makes Pretty Grand soap. She’s an artist and approaches soap making like a sculptor making work that engages all of the senses (except taste, don’t eat the soap).

Each batch of soap is a special and unique concoction producing bars in limited editions. But don’t try to hold on to them. Use them! You’ll be glad you did.

What is this magic?

Soap that looks as beautiful as it smells.

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How about Some Fun Facts about our Soap?

Pounds of Soap Made
Bars Sold
Natural Ingredients

Soap so scrumptious
soap so sumptuous
it’s going to make you feel pretty grand


The Spring Pack:

Four all-natural bars of soap packed with fresh ingredients like carrot, ginger, honey, bergamot, mint and yang ylang!




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